D Trap

D is the trap, non dimensionality is merely the opposite, and hence trapping the traveller within synchronicity.

Synchronicity, is the biggest measure of the illusion and reality index.

36 tattvas, 36 particles (7 categorical or elementary and rest hypothetical), theoretical deduction of finite element constant, first glimpse at immutable 9, the very first and very very very early rung (metaphor).  Because of finite element constant, 36 known universes, not to be confused with observable universes around our world within our universe. There are 3 broad bridges cum purgatories between, 7C3=35, the last is an exit into the current sun for other processing of the soul. The space time constructs as relativistic time references varies in each of these 36 lokas. The quantum foam soul-base, as per the uncertainty principle at plancks length decides, the spawning of particles, the spin memory and charge dynamics are accumulated from previous transmutation of energy (life and karma etc etc). Dharma is this happening.  The quantum flux remains the same in these lokas however once the particles, antiparticles and creation dynamics begins, these create vortexes (ghatana siddhi, akash) and the time and space differs. There is no way to communicate between our world and these worlds except to join the quantum flux or break through, virtual black holes. The 10 vayus disintegrate into the subatomic particle levels with the spins and charge governed by neutrino implosions at the dhananjaya, this alignment is happening every time within the body or every matter non matter, aka the proverbial chitragupta. The spin then governs the next particle combination and thus the world it shall enter. The three purgatory bridges swarga, naraka and patala, can shift and happen parallel to the happenings in the current universe.

Close approximations to the energy dynamics were made by Merkaba Drunvalo Melchizedek in his work on the flower of life geometry where in he has mentioneed that there is a field of energy around the body in the shape of a star tetrahedron. It is called a Merkaba which translates as vehicle of light.

Coupled with Da Vinci’s Vitruvian man and Sri Yantra one such myth buster almost got it:


Sphere Tetrahedron Pyramid

Ahamkara Bûddhi Manas

Ego Intellect Mind

The precise combination of these forms creates the primordial S’rî Chakra knowledge construct, which is the structure of the jîva. The S’rî Chakra is formed in a specific manner when the jîva initially breaks away to begin its sojourn into the realm of evolution. In this chapter we will explore how the S’rî Chakra initially forms to become the vehicle of the jîva. The S’rî Chakra is a complex three-dimensional structure. However, it is very useful, for simplicity, to first study it in a two-dimensional representation. The following drawings illustrate the formation of theS’rî Chakra in a two-dimensional representation as it begins to form immediately after the moment of the initial prajña-aprada when the intellect of the jîva first creates an illusory difference between jîva and S’îva/Krishna.

The distinction that forms between jîva and S’îva/Krishna is the first sprouting of the ego. The ego orahamkara is a spherical primordial geometric structure that is the first part of the S’rî Cakra to arise. Within the ahamkara the bûddhi (intellect) begins to form with the appearance of the first tetrahedron, as illustrated in the drawings above. The first tetrahedron (shown as a triangle in the drawing above) of the bûddhi resonates with the primordial sound structure of the 1st mandala of the Rik Veda. The Rik Veda is the totality of all knowledge in the form of primordial sound in which the seed value of the total potential of Natural Law is found. Each of the 10 mandalas resonates with a particular value of Natural Law. Sound, which is vibration, is the mechanism by which consciousness manifests and appears to take on a concrete form. The primordial geometric structures of sphere, tetrahedron and pyramid arise from the flow of s’aktî that accompanies the intention of the rishî. This flow, while vibratory in nature, is subtler than sound and provides the structure for the reverberation of sound. The first tetrahedron of the bûddhi provides the structure for the reverberation of the 1st mandala of the Rik Veda. This mandala contains the essence of the entire Rik Veda, and the whole of the Rik Veda can be found to come out of this mandala.

The next tetrahedron of the bûddhi aspect of the S’rî Chakra forms to resonate with the 10thmandala of the Rik Veda. The 10th mandala is the subtlest of the mandalas and generates thepurûsha value. The purûsha is the rishî or silent witness, which resides in the ahamkara (ego). Following is a sequence of drawings that illustrate how the other eight mandalas form the remaining tetrahedral structure of the bûddhi.


But his understanding is limited by the heuristic recursivity of the synchronicity where the AI index is not 1 but a very close approximation, it has to create propogation. Jung did no understand that synchronicity is not merely resolution of opposites. It is a recursive summation of types and the anti-derivative of divisive efforts into the fabric of nonspace time energy dissipation. This happens in a crude sense as Rudras.  Opposites are dimensions (in whichever context) and this is not the opposite, this is the root (for now this is the word). Dimensions or D can be typecasted into interweaving dimensions and complex types with Pancha mahabhutas, and Panchatanmatras and even subtle faculties which can be carried to higher dimensions so to speak. This is the trap. Synchronicity is the strumpet of Macchindra. Just before Synchronicity lies Raja Rajeshwari’s (again a name) kingdom, paraatparaatpara, before which comes Sri Yantra, which in turn is the inception and incubation ground for Maya.

D is D trap, Spontaneous Regressivity Index or SRI, Self ReflexiveReality Integral SRRI, Synchronous Restructurable Entropic Element SREE, Synchronized Simulated Refractivity Induced Image and so on … I can go on and on. Anyways at 5D, 2 to the power 5 is 32 the sum of which is 32, which is the cyclic barrier, binary 00100000. After which the cyclicity starts, 33 is 00100100 … there, it begins,the cyclicity. At 36 decimal, (samkhya) which is 24 hex (shaiva) which is 2+4 = 6 Vaishnava which is 3 + 6 = 9 jainism and so on. Regressivity is the key to understanding the intention of oversimplification of things as a veil over seemingly compound and complex blocks of creation.

The Maha Sankalpa behind this is the Purusha, beeja personified, AUM-Akara = Omkara or whatever. Sankalpa = Sam (Equated) + Kalpa (Timely)

Kalpa = 14manvantaras = so and so yugas and all that.

The Alpha resets time (space is an expression of time ultimately) =watch Edge of Tomorrow= at each kalpa,The Omega resets all at the end of Maha Kalpa (buddha). Christ is merely a hriday granthi crossover who saw vasudeva (hriddesh shri arjuna tishthati fame) and came back. He was then not a drone, so all drones followed him. But he was not an alpha,

The Maha sankalpa resets all omegas. The Maha Sankalpas = Siddhas are reset by  9 Naths (Macchinder, Gorakh et al), the naths my munis and munis by 7 Rishis. Gayatri is the collective domain for Rishis. 7 Rishis collectively form the Maha Manah, Maha Bala, Maha Virya, and the Mahat Tattvas. Together these create Maha vishnu a superior scientific entity, who in turn creates- the void (microcosmic and macrocosmic, meta cosmic, subtle meta cosmic and pure cosmic). They create Maha bhasma, Mahat Isha, Maha Rudra, Aghora,

Names of Rishis were never attributed to individuals as portrayed in mythology. They were teams.

Team Vyasa = Einstein, Jung, Godel, Darwin, Pauli,


Non Rishi Teams

Team Alpha = Krishna (rags to riches) , Buddha (riches to rags), Adi-Shankara et al, Rama, Parshurama (Hitler)

Team Purusha = Vishnu, Ganesha, Shiva

Siddha = Mahavatar baba, Sai baba, Satya Sai baba, Moses,

A list of teams coming up in future posts.

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