Why know the self?

Today as I was talking to my wife, I asked her, why should there be the need to seek who I really am? I further added that mostly I never ask this question when I am happy. I enjoy being happy. Only when there is sadness which extends beyond my tolerance, I turn to some higher power. I shy away from accepting sadness or dukkha as easily as happiness. Then the separation of two identities, the duality, is evident.

To which she reminisced of a Sanskrit Subhashita from her childhood. The subhashita had etched on her mind since then. The crux of it was the default state of the mind is happiness. This is why, the mind never questions happiness. There is no analysis of happiness. When the mind deviates from its default state, it experiences non-happiness. This experience, the mind questions and then thrives in doing or finding things which will make it happy again.

This fueled a discussion, which demanded a deeper probe into the subhashita.

Why deviate from happiness in the first place? Who or what causes the deviation? Why do I not feel completely in control of happiness and sadness? Is there an experiencer and the experience? The observer and the observation?

Any serious enquiry into this is essentially a self-enquiry. Thus knowing the self is inevitable. If we do not wish it, it still is happening inadvertently as long as we experience.


2 thoughts on “Why know the self?

  1. I agree with you that knowing yourself is an inevitable result of living,…of experience, however, the degree to which people come to know themselves is varied, and ends up being the result of more than a few factors. Good post, thank you.

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