What is God? Is he a personal being? Or is it an impersonal force?  What is being?  Ramana Maharishi says it is simple. It is in the now. Who am I? Who is feeling, thinking, seeing and being? Ask this recursive, seemingly abysmal question. Do not stop at anything. Only when you drill down deep in the recesses of the mind, there is no assumption, there is just being.When our consciousness moves, it creates sensation of time. A larger consciousness, creates large space and time. As large as the Universe or Multiple universes. We are the thoughts of a greater mind, when we look at its movement, we see past, present and future. 

Whereas, in absolute non-relativistic reality, it is just one instant, everything is happening in it simultaneously. There is no past, no present, no future. It just is. This happening is being. 

An incorporeal entity, a personal being, the ground of all being, many religious beliefs describe God as “I am what I am” or “that is”. Hindus call it the “bramhan”, Hebrews called it
YHVH or yahweh or yehova.

The one who is truly being or that is truly being, thus is the supreme being. 

If the only thing you were good at was being, then you could be everything.


5 thoughts on “Being

  1. Yes Somehow we have been trained to look outside than inside and started imagining that God is an entity outside of us ! We think we need to attain some state of mind etc When we wake up to who we are the mind itself does not exist to acknowledge the fact that we have realized who we are! All the daily karmic exercise is to stop the mirror of mind from shaking so that it can truly reflect the self. As many saints have said “Mind is a mirror and can truly reflect the Soul or I . It is covered by Veil of ignorance or AvaranA,Mala or dirt of desire,anger,jealousy etc and constantly shaken by Vikshepa (which is the endless bubble of disconnected thoughts colored based on our vAsanA). Once we understand and remove the Mala and Vikshepa by acknowledging the circumstances and as they happen we are left with AvaranA only. At that stage Intellect is so sharp that a simple self inquiry will lead to the realization that we are the all pervading Self.
    This is a little bit of what I gathered by reading and listening whatever came my way!

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