Soul Karri Recipe: Nirvana

What you are and what you have is the best place to start. Objectively access the persona that your name means and put it in a box clled EGO component and paint it black to signify darkness, creator, or use your imagination and call it a black hole…”a hole in a heart shaped box”. It retains all the past till this moment. Dont take the mind for granted, treat her with respect, you got to know she’s a sensitive kind. Tell her you love her with your life. If you believe i know you will find, a finger and a ring that sets in your eyes.
Then magic happens. With no lingering past and the mind comfortable that it is squeezed into a blackhole and all of it has come to naught… the future too dissolves. Welcome to paradise UVWXY
I am the alpha and the omega.

Ramsai Karri

2 thoughts on “Soul Karri Recipe: Nirvana

  1. I appreciate your comment and I agree, there is no fixed self (anatta) and the idea of it only creates attachment which leads to unnecessary suffering (dukkha). I believe you are describing Nirvana and it is precisely as you said, a state of the mind rather than a place or a specific moment in time (the moment of now is the only reality). Although you want to be careful with desire, making Nirvana into a paradise etc would kindle desire, perhaps based on negative agendas and it is one of the three flames that must be extinguished alongside anger and ignorance.

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